September 1, 2011

Reading/LA/SS: Practice choosing a “Good Fit Book”; Read to Self; Launch Work on Writing; Library/Complete Colonial Poster

Math:  Target the Question (4); Target Math; Activity — Planet Place Value (complete for homework)

Science:  Science Tools Powerpoint


August 31, 2011

Reading/LA/Social Studies:  Review Read to Self, where to sit –What about words I don’t know?; Continue work on Colonial Poster

Math:  Target the Question (3); Target Math (green); Review Homework; Numerical Names Activity

Science:  Continue Table of Tools — begin work on tool powerpoint, if time permits

August 30, 2011

Reading/LA/Social Studies — Review 3 ways to read, Read to Self I-chart, practice Read to Self; Create a poster to convince people to come to your colony

Math — Target Math; Tar get the Question (2); Standard, Word, Expanded Form — Collapsible Numbers Worksheet (homework)

Science — Finish Safety Quiz; Begin unit on Tools; Turn in Safety Contracts