September 30, 2011

Reading/LA:  Mini-lesson: mythology; Unit Assessment; Daily 5; small groups: Aristotle

Math:  TTQ (4); TM (Lime); Multiplication Quiz; Workstations

Science:  Unit Assessment

Parents:  Please send any used CDs with your child on Monday.  We will be using them for a Science experiment next week.  They will not be returned.


September 29, 2011

Reading/LA:  Read Aloud; Daily 3; Library; Istation

SS:  Roanoke, Jamestown, Plymouth colonies interviews

Math:  TTQ (3); TM (green); multiplication worksheet practice; workstations; Quiz tomorrow!

Science:  Quiz; Unit Assessment tomorrow!  Computer Review 1; Computer Review 2; Video, if time permits

I will be out until 11:00.  If you act up, your clip will move down.  Do well, and your clip will move up.

If the class is too loud in the library, EVERYONE will move your clip down!!

September 28, 2011

Reading/LA:  Mini-lesson: Mythology; Daily 3 (With Mr. Tarver: Aristotle & da Vinci)

SS:  Complete first colonies sheet

Math:  TTQ (2); TM (Cherry); Review homework; workstations

Science:  Mixtures & Solutions — Notes in journal

Guidance Today with Mrs. Bernard — Act like you know!

September 27, 2011

Reading/LA:  Read to Self; Read to Someone; Word Work; Small Groups: Comprehension

SS:  Continue work on Roanoke, Plymouth, Jamestown

Math:  TTQ (1); TM (Yellow); Partial Products Lesson; workstation; HW: worksheet

Science:  Separating Mixtures — Record results in your journal

September 26, 2011

Reading/LA:  Read to Self; Read to someone; work on Writing; word work; small groups — comprehension

SS:  Coming to the New World: Roanoke & Jamestown

Math:  TTQ (5); TM (Red); Multiplication practice; workstations

Science:  Review stories; Making & Separating Mixtures

September 23, 2011

Reading/LA:  Daily 5 rotations; small group: comprehension; mini-lesson: summary; Practice Word Work

SS:  Review information chart; cut and glue into SS journal

Math:  TTQ (4); TM (Gold); Math Unit Assessment — Whole Numbers & Decimals

Science:  Story — you are an ice cube — describe yourself as you go through all the states of matter.  Record requirments in journal before beginning.

September 22, 2011

Reading/LA:  Library; I-Station; Daily 5 Practice

SS:  Continue working on colonial information table

Math:  TTQ (3); TM (Orange); Multiplication Practice: workstations; small groups; HW: textbook p. 78 5-10; p. 79 35-37

Science:  Continue with “The Points” — freezing/melting points; journal & graphing