September 29, 2011

Reading/LA:  Read Aloud; Daily 3; Library; Istation

SS:  Roanoke, Jamestown, Plymouth colonies interviews

Math:  TTQ (3); TM (green); multiplication worksheet practice; workstations; Quiz tomorrow!

Science:  Quiz; Unit Assessment tomorrow!  Computer Review 1; Computer Review 2; Video, if time permits

I will be out until 11:00.  If you act up, your clip will move down.  Do well, and your clip will move up.

If the class is too loud in the library, EVERYONE will move your clip down!!


5 thoughts on “September 29, 2011”

  1. imario molina

    physical change
    -foil cut in half
    -chopping wood
    -paper rips
    -mixing paint in art
    -dynimite explodes
    -frying an egg
    -Cutting a wire

    chemical change
    -Cheese goes moldy
    -Wood burning
    -Rust forms on a nail
    -Milk goes sour
    -Butter melts in toast
    -Breaking glass
    -Your body digets food
    -Water evaporates
    -Eggs,Sugar,Flour are baked in a cake

    P.S:Arthur was talking 0_0

  2. Leonard da Vinci a physical change is…. the foil cut in half,paper rips, cutting a wire,mixing paint in art,chopping wood,water evaorates,breaking glass,butter on toast. chemical change is…..,, eggs,sugar,flour,are baked in a cake,dynamite explodes,wood burning,frying an egg,rust forms on a a nail,cheese gets moldy,milk goes sour,dynamite eplodes /your body digests food

  3. chemical changes;milk goes sour,butter melts on toast,chese gets moldy,mixing paint in art,your body digestes food,eggs,sugar,flour are baked in a cake,water evaporates,wood burning,dynamite explosion,breaking glass
    phyisical changes:foil cut in half,chopping wood,cutting a wire,frying a egg

  4. George w. carver
    phyiscal changes: chemical changes
    foil cut in half milk goes sour
    breaking glass cheese gets moldy
    frying an egg water evaporates
    paper rips wood burning
    chopping wood dynamite exploded
    your body digets food eggs,surgar,flour
    mixng paint in art

  5. physical change: foil cut in half,paper rips,cutting a wire,choping wood,breaking glass,water evaporates,eggs,suger,flour are baked in a cake, butter melts on toast

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