December 5, 2011

Reading/LA:  Read Aloud; Daily 3; Minilesson: Synthesize; Minilesson: Identifying words with Latin roots; Minilesson: Expository essay rough Draft; Small Groups 2 & 3

SS:  Citizenship & Benjamin Franklin — notes in spiral

Math:  TTQ (5); TM (Green); Fun Function Fractions Activity; New Workstations

Science:  Sedimentary Rock layers Activity — notes & summary in your journal


4 thoughts on “December 5, 2011”

  1. Hey mr.tarver its meikh again anyway I got to see what happened and the saiyans are asking questions about the dragon balls but they won’t tell them about it so the saiyans are trying to kill them all. One saiyan named nappa tries to kill gokus son but piccolo saves him and die then the dragon balls have vanisheed forever. Then goku comes and evens the odds.

  2. hi, Mr.Tarver this is Kailah my book is good so far its giveng me facts about Dinosaurs for an example:Eorapter Earaptor is the oldest known donosaur. the little meat eating creature stalked smaller animals as it ran through the udergrowth of fern forests.It had sharp claws for grabbing prey. Its really good so far sincerly Kailah 😮

    1. It’s hard to believe that those gigantic T-Rexes came from such tiny little beginnings. I wonder why they got so much bigger. Also, were all reptiles dinosaurs? I don’t think so, but I could be wrong.

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