December 6, 2011

Reading/LA:  Read Aloud; Daily 3; Minilesson: Latin-root words; Minilesson: Synthesizing spiraling (snow day); Small Groups 4 & 5

SS:  Begin Probe entry on Citizenship & Benjamin Franklin — due Friday

Math:  TTQ (1); TM (Lime); Activity: Match Point; workstations; HW: p. 174 9-16

Science:  Exploring Fast Changes to the Earth’s Surface; Double Bubble Map — compare/contrast fast and slow changes.


6 thoughts on “December 6, 2011”

  1. dear mr. tarver , I am reading a book called dragon ball z. It is about these people have powers, some have good some evil. In three years these saiyans come to earth for dragon balls. Dagon balls are these balls that when gathered together grant you one free wish. So these saiyans want them so they can live forever, but some people are trying to save the world.

    1. That sounds interesting. I remember a Greek myth about a mortal who was granted the wish of living forever. However, he did not include staying young. So, he grew older and older, but never died. Eventually, he was locked away in a dark room forever, only able to make a soft creaking sound…the sound that is now made by crickets.

  2. hey mister tarver its me valeria , i’m reading a book called larger than life lara it is about a new girl that is over weight ,she waitede over 300 pounds ,she has to get a new desk becouse the chair only holded 100 pounds .sow then the girl .but a girl tries top be her friend sowfar.

    1. It’s not easy being so overweight, especially for a young girl. So many others make fun of her, not to mention the health problems she might be facing. What would you do? Would you try to be her friend? Why?

  3. well i would trie to be her friend and defend her when people are making fun of her so people wodent make fun of her .and if people would call me names i would imform a teacher.

    1. It’s never easy standing up for what is right. A lot of adults cannot do it. Have you read any other books where the characters have to decide if they are going to do the right thing or not? What are some of those books?

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