December 14, 2011

Reading/LA:  Read Aloud; Daily 3; Guidance Lesson: Friendship; Read Aloud; Spelling Bee practice; Small Group: Carver

SS:  Continue work on Manifest Destiny probe

Math:  TTQ (2); TM (Red); Review Homework; converting improper fractions to mixed numbers; workstations

Science:  Begin unit on the Sun, Earth, & Moon — notes in journal


4 thoughts on “December 14, 2011”

  1. hi mister tarver is miguel flores your student i hope you have a wonderfull christmas and a new year see you later your student mmiguel flores

  2. hi mr.tarver is juan flores from last year the one that got to make the best airplanes youst wannet to say have a good christmas and new year and to skilar and every one

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