December 19, 2011

Reading/LA:  Read Aloud; Daily 3; Read-to-Self; Spelling Bee

SS:  Polar Express Read Aloud; Activity

Math:  Fractions Video; Practice adding/subtracting fractions; workstations

Science:  The Lunar Cycle; Jeopardy


4 thoughts on “December 19, 2011”

    1. I don’t think it’s how he looks…I think it is how he acts. He tears his homework up, tapes random pieces together, never does his homework, etc. Why do you think Carla told him the way to change from being a monster is to not believe he is a monster?

  1. HEY MR.TARVER its meikh I am reading a book called diary of a wimpy kid rodick rules and greg says its really awful do you think it will.

    1. Do I think the book will be really awful? I won’t know until I’ve actually read it. Try it. Read about 10 percent of the book (20 pages if it is about 200 pages) and see what you think.

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