January 5, 2012

Reading/LA:  Library; Istation; Read-to-Self; Minilesson: Monitoring Comprehension

SS:  Complete and present work on Regions of the United States — copy notes in your journal

Math:  TTQ (2); TM (Lime); Review Fractions for Unit Test tomorrow; HW: p. 234-235 1-12

Science:  Comparing Physical Characteristics — fill in the information from your textbook or Sciencesaurus


18 thoughts on “January 5, 2012”

  1. Triple h
    is a book about paul michale levesque aka triple h it shows about his times in iwf,wcw,and wwe it is really interesting like he was world heavy weight champion and intercontioal champion at the same time.

  2. Hey Mr.Tarver im reading a NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC book and so far it is really good. But im learning alot of new things like…..A rain forest parrot eats clay at the clay lick in Peru. The reason why is because they eat seeds that contains toxins/poisonous chemicals.That is really harmful.So that eat clay that they are eating keeps the toxins from getting into there body.

    1. Wow. You might want to ask someone who is from Peru…like Mr. Basurto. He might know more about these parrots. Do you know of any other animals that have this sort of behavior?

  3. hellow mister tarver i gote a magazine and its aboutn my favorite animal the great giant panda.i lernd that there r more clors 4 pandas like pinck pandas.i also learned that pandas r also cush patatoes.but they have a healty life stile.i speacialie thik the mom panda is simalar to my mom. sow its text to self.

    1. baby pandas are 1/1000th the size of their mothers. They actually look like little slug worms. What do Pandas eat? Where do they live? How is the mom panda similar to your mom?

  4. Dragon ball Z a good book and in this book there is three main characters named Boo a monster so fierce he killed his on master Bobbidi the Warlock and the remaining two is goten goku’s second half saiyan son after gohan and trunks the half saiyan son of Vegeta and Bulma.It is a good book i think when someone does there attack why dont the person getting attacked just do another attack while the person attaking them?

    1. I watch some boxing & MMA, and you have two choices at any given moment…attack or defend. Attacks are finite; they do not last forever. If the character can survive the attack, then they can make their own attack. Do you see any similarities?

  5. hey mr. tarver I was reading another dragon ball z book but this one is called dragon ball. This one is about goku when he was a kid. Anyway a girl named bulma is looking for the dragon balls,she finds goku and they both look for the dragon balls together.They run into a old man names master roshi and he gives goku a cloud and its not a regular cloud only people with pure hearts can ride it.After that they go to a city and alot of people are scared of some monster that is really a pig. Then they meet this guy called yamcha and at first they were enemys then they became friends. In the next volume of dragon ball this girl named chichi finds goku first they were friens then got married and then they had a kid named gohan he was half human half saiyan,goku had died so gohan had to train with piccolo and had to save the earth, then piccolo had died and gohan got angry and fought them then failed.

    1. A good summary, but I still don’t know what you think about it. Why were they enemies with yamcha at first? How did they become friends? Do you know of anything that this is similar too? I need you to make connections, also.

  6. the book dragon ball z is cool cell trys to absore the android and the androids are trying to exterminate son goku and goku too hurt to fight so he has to wait a year{a year is 2 days}

    1. Why is goku too hurt to fight? Also, why is cell trying to absorb the androids? A good summary, but I also want to know what you think about this book. Why do you like it?

  7. Mr.Tarver I think Bradley is trying to change and become a better person.I understand Bradley is havig trouble fitting in with the other kids, but that does not mean he cant try a little harder.There’s just something I dont understand, why is Jeff being so mean with Bradley and why is he acting like he is all that, he is also liying about giving Bradley a black eye.I was also suprised that Bardley is telling the truth now and is douing his homework now, I also hope he keeps telling the truth.

    1. It’s not easy changing how people look at you. Remember what Mrs. Bernard said about reputations…they stick with you for a long time, both good and bad. As for Jeff, do you know of any boy who would admit he got beat up by a girl? Could that be why Jeff is lying? It seems Jeff and Bradley have a lot in common.

  8. as far as i am in the brixston brothers the case of the case mistaken identity, steve brixston a.k.a. steve loved the baily brothers books because he liked spys or detectives. his mom had started to go out with a guy named rick, he was an detective with the cops.they were trying to solve a crime, the crooks name was a.k.a. the blackbird robber.steve, his mom, and rick ate dinner and talked about the blackbird robber.he has most reacently stole from an rich old lady,he took a shiney ring in her room, and check this out no broken windows, no finger prints, no open doors nothing

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