January 6, 2012

Reading/LA:  Read-to-Self; Readers’ Response Posts; Read Aloud; Minilesson: Monitor Comprehension; Small groups — if time permits

SS:  Four Regions of United States — present your findings — notes in spiral

Math:  TTQ (3); TM (Purple); Unit Test; Workstations; Review HW

Science:  Complete Comparing Physical Characteristics Chart & add to your journal; Complete Triple Bubble Map for Sun, Earth, & Moon.


25 thoughts on “January 6, 2012”

  1. The book im reading is Diary of a wimpy kid cabin fever the author is Jeff Kinney This part im reading is about a boy named greg is trying to hide something from his dad but his dad is at a hotel because there a a big blizzard.What i think about this book is that maybe greg is scared of telling his dad the thing that was on the front door it was a note that said a police is coming so greg thought the police is goin to take him away.

    1. Did Greg think the police were going to take him away or his Dad away? What would you do in his situation? Why? I might do the same thing…only I think I would get in trouble later. Is Greg lying? Is not telling someone the same as lying? What do you think?

  2. the book im reading is called diary of a wimpy kid and the aurthor who wrote this book was jeff kenny.its about a kid called greg he is on this game called net kritterz and he has a pet chihuahua. so he has to stay on 24/7 to keep him happy and he has to buy cloth to keep him happy. There is a limit of tokens and he used them all so he had to use reall money then his mom made him use his owen money but he couldent find any one to pay him.

    1. Sounds like Greg has a problem. Is he addicted to this game? Do you know of anyone (real or from a book/movie) who got so addicted (had to do it all the time) to something that it caused bad problems? Let me know how this ends…I hope Greg will get control again.

  3. I read this book called this is the dream by shore& jesssica alexander.it is all lalmost how color people live.they used to throw thing’s at them so that means the white people are the bad guy’s.they used to have evrything separated.If i would have benn in that year i would seak up,.these were the people that wanted to make justice ella,walter,thurgood,dr.martin luther king, jr.

    1. Sounds like this is from the Civil Rights era of history. It was not an easy change for most people. A lot of people were hurt or even killed because African-Americans wanted to have the same rights as whites. Try and research (yes, you can do it online) about the people you mentioned (Ella Fitzgerald, Thurgood Marshall, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.) or others you did not mention. They are important figures in our history. They saw something was wrong and made it right. Courageous.

  4. The book I’m reading is Mercy Watson thinks like a pig By Kate DiCamillo.This book is about a man and woman who own a pig.One day, Mercy (the pig), Mr. and Mrs. Watson were sitting on their patio drinking lemonade. Their next door neighboors are two old sisters, Baby and Eugenia Lincoln were planting flowers to “beautify” their backyard. Mercy comes in and eats the flowers,but Eugenia sees her and shes calls Animal Control. Fraincine Poulet came to their street. Meanwhile, Mercy is at home taking a nap on the couch when she hears knocking at the door. Its her other next neighboors. Stella and Frank invite Mercy to a tea party.Francine comes to the tea party to catch Mercy. Then Mr. and Mrs. Watson show up. At the end of the day everyone (even Baby and Eugenia) have toast with a great del of butter on it. Thats Mercy’s favorite.

    1. So, is Mercy a good guy or bad guy? Why? Is there any other character you’ve read about before (or anyone you know) who shares some of the same characteristics of Mercy? That doesn’t mean someone who eats flowers, but someone who does something wrong and others are trying to catch her at it.

  5. I was reading a book called dinosaurs big and small. the book was simpily about big dinosaurs and small dinosaurs. there were giant ones such as seismosaurus that was as long as four 30 foot school buses and might weigh about 30 tons. there was also small dinosaurs like compasosaurus wich you can pick up with your hands just like if you were holding a bowling ball.mostly the big dinosaurs were a type called sauruopods, it may sound like a name for an insect but it means a dinosaur that stands on four legs and had a long neck and a small head.

    1. If you’re interested in dinosaurs, you need to take a trip (with the family) to Glen Rose, TX & visit Dinosaur State Park. You can find some fossils still in the ground and some tracks left by dinosaurs millions of years ago. If you get the time, try placing some books on hold on dinosaurs that are from high schools. You’ll get better information.

  6. dear mr.tarver i dont know any more about those animals but i am learning more about them i will ask mr.borsoto about the birds

    1. Cool. Try and take a trip to the Dallas World Aquarium. It’s downtown and it’s a zoo dedicated to rainforest animals. It’s downtown Dallas. It’s expensive to enter, but well worth the experience.

  7. im wondering that on he book THERES ABOY IN A GIRLS BATHROOM that Bradley is gonna start doing his homwork alot and hes gonna get a gold star just like the other kids oooh and i have a connection last year me and my causin whent to the restroom nd he axcedently entered the girls bathroom he was a boy nd there was lil girls in there with there mom and the lil girls creamed verry loud just like it happend to jeff when he whent into the girls bathroom

  8. i have a simlararites like WWE when some one is getting attaked they defend or attak them back like Kane he attaks john cena and he tries to defend him self but he is worthless againest Kane, but i think should read a dragon ball z book if you do tell me if you like it? p.s have ever gotten atacked and were you defending yourself or attaked him back?

    1. I have not ever tried a Dragonball Z book. It seems very confusing to me. Maybe you can read it and explain it to me so it will make more sense.

      PS: I get attacked every day when I get home. Most of the time, I defend myself, but sometimes…well, sometimes the best defense is a good offense. 🙂

  9. the book im reading is called shot clock slam the author is sports illustrated . this book is about a 14 year old kid named perry was an awesome basketball team captain , i mean he was the best player there . then one day a kid came to the team and he was better than perry . he got mad and didnt like carter,that was the new guys name,.so then they talked it out and then perry decided to play and do teamwork . so that reminded me of a time i was the fastest runner in my apt.then a new guy named mike showes up and asked if he could race with us. so i was gonna be nice so i let im start with a race with me so we did. so we got set up and then my friend jake said “ready,set,Gooooo”. we both wen super speedy and then we touched the fence and went back and he won.so i sat on some stairs near by so i sat there and just stared at the kids sayin oh man you faster than arthur your the new champion so i got mad went home and 3 hours later the doorbell rang on my door and it was mike , he came to tell me good race and told me if i wanted to join a track team with him and after that i was happy that i ever had met him.

    1. Join a track team, huh? I didn’t know you enjoyed running. We’ll have to get you to run a lot during recess.

      It’s okay to get mad. We all get mad at some point. How we handle that anger is the important part…you know what I mean?

  10. i think that in maxinun ride that its very amasing, because its very interresting
    and a picture just like the menifest destiny. Because its an angel in the front of the cover of the book .so i think that its the same. But the is very adventureous and full of excitment.

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