January 12, 2012

Reading/LA:  Library; Istation; Lesson: Read, Write, Talk; Independent Reading

SS:  Continue work on Lewis & Clark Probe

Math:  TTQ (2); TM (Gold); Probability Worksheets; HW: Worksheet (front & back)

Science:  Continue work on Sun Probe; video, if time permits


18 thoughts on “January 12, 2012”

  1. now at where i am steve has brought dana into this case. he trying to solve the case of the quilt code. his local librarian and another librarian are after the american quilting book becaus one of the quilts holds the codde steve has already figured out which one it is, but i still dont no. as i read one in this passage i will hope to find out.

    1. It can be fun to try and figure it out. When I read a book, I remember what page it was when I figure out the ending, and then compare with others. Like a game, of sorts. I guess the best place to hide a secret code is in a book about American quilting. Do you know what a quilt is? Tell me when you figure it out…and the page number when you do.

  2. the book i read is called life on the edge the author is unknown . this book is about a kid who starts with a problom and just dosent know how to turn his life around so then he decides to make a plan on how to make everyday make him better so he has an adventure alright but the thing is that this kid (oh yea forgot the kids name is jake johnson) he tries to do everything possible to himself better. what i think of this book is that jake should understand that the meaning of life isnt going to change its just gonna keep growin the way it wants to.

    1. Interesting, indeed. Do you see any parallel between Jake and Bradley (There’s a Boy in the Girl’s Bathroom)? Seems they are both trying to turn their lives around. It’s never easy to try to make things better. It can look overwhelming (impossible). However, just take it one step at a time.

  3. Im almost at the end but not yet i have acouple more paidges left.know greg is trying to make a stand to make money so him and his friend rowley made postars. then it started to rain and the marker melted of the postars . then somebody yelld what are you doing over there so both of them took of running. the next day at school the princpl said it was probably a gang so he called the cops and the cops brought a lying machin and the princple called all the bad students to his office one by one. then the next day at school his friend told on him so greg got caught.

      1. Could he have explained what they were doing? Seems like running away made the situation worse, not better. Boys run away from their problems. Men stand up and face their problems head-on and solve them, even if they could get into trouble. Happened to you?

  4. Mr. Tarver ive been reading a book called DIARY OF A WIMPY KID:CABIN FEVER its about this boy named Greg Heffley and how his chistmas vacation was and what he got for christmas well right now im in page 58 and its about all the things there happening at school and home and i have a connection on the book greg got a doll for christmas cause hes mom said he needed to practice being a good big brother and practice taking good care of it because hes mom was gonna have a baby so he tought it was boring so as he started using it he got realy attached to it and took him outside but on his way back he lost the doll and that wasnt good and my coonection is that when i was lil i used to have a little puppy that i realy liked and then one dayi count find it i was too scared to tell my parents

    1. Don’t ever be too scared to tell your parents. Sure, they might yell at you, but they love you. They would have helped you to find it. It is important if you ever lose something you really like that you let them know. We all lose things.

  5. I am reading a book called quarterbacks in Feburary 2008,new york giants quarterback eli manning had less than two minutes to win the super bowl his team trailed the new england patriots 14-10 he knew he had to make a big play he took the snap from the center he dropped back to the pass suddenly, maninng was swarmed by patriots they pulled at his shirt and grabbed his legs he scrambled to escape them he set his feet and threw a long pass giants receiver david tyree was there to make a super catch to win the super bowl. p.s have you ever won a championship in any sport.

    1. I remember that game. The Patriots were undefeated that year. The words you used to describe it makes it very exciting (swarmed, scrambled).

      PS: I did win a championship — minor league football in the riverbottoms. We beat the only undefeated team in the league to win the championship. Such a feeling. It’s important to play some sort of organized sport, but don’t forget the most important part is to have fun and play the game the right way.


    1. Doing the same thing over and over again is easy. Trying to change your habits and the way people look at you is hard. But the effort can be well worth it. Do you think Bradley will succeed in changing himself from a monster?

  7. okay but i dint tell them but they kinda figured it out they where’t mad well a lil bit not much : / ooh and yesterday i read a lot at my house and greg and rowley where like trying to ear money to make posters and they did all kinda of stuff last year they put 1 of those dunk tanks and every time they threw the ball it hit the man and they dint even think about pitting nothing to protect him and now there making fake arcade games like pac-man and paying them money but i dont know what else happened i’m gonna keep reading too see what happens

    1. I think it’s fun to try and figure out what is going to happen next. Often times, you figure it out before the characters do. The only way to know for sure is to do what you said, “I’m gonna keep reading to see what happens.”

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