January 20, 2012

Reading/LA: Read Aloud; Lesson: What I Know/What I Learned; Blog Post, Small Group, Istation, Lesson Practice

SS: Probe

Math:  TTQ (2); TM (Lime?); Unit Test

Science: Unit Test; Shadow Trackers


2 thoughts on “January 20, 2012”

  1. hey mr.t its meikh and i am reading a book called diary of a wimpy kid dog days.Greg is on his summer vacation and its not as fun as he thought. one reason that is because first him and his best friend wathed a scary movie called muddy hand it was about a hand that came and killed every single person it saw.after the movie they were really freaked out and they were so terrified that they slept in the bathroom every single night and when they go outside they stop every minute and look behind them to see if the muddy hand was comind to get them from behind.a few days later they wantedtoget jobs so they could get some money because they had went to a pool and ordered alot of drinks and had to pay then eight hundred dollars for all of their drinks.

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