January 25, 2012

Reading/LA:  Read Aloud; Lesson: Nonfiction Feature & Purpose; Small Group, Istation, Blog, Lesson Practice; Independent Reading — Beat the record of 27 minutes!

Social Studies:  Obstacles to Western Expansion Probe — due Friday

Math:  TTQ (5); TM (Blue); Converting Volume & Capacity: Gallon Man; Workstations; Small Groups

Science:  Weather & Climate notes; Texas Climate assignment in groups http://www.ncdc.noaa.gov/oa/climate/research/cag3/cag3.html

Planetarium tomorrow!


14 thoughts on “January 25, 2012”

  1. hi, Mr. Tarver i know the animal that has the largest eye in the ocean.
    The giant squid. The eye of it is as large as a large pizza box.
    info. from t.v

    1. Excellent! I’m glad you kept up with this. Sometimes we learn new ideas from reading, sometimes from research. And sometimes, we learn from TV. I just hope it was animal planet and not Spongebob! 🙂

  2. Hey Mr.Tarver im reading a book called a child called it and wht my book is about is how a boy named dave gets beating by his mother the reason why he gets beat by his mom is because his mom says that he is being a bad boy. in cahpter 7 is dad is away and while hes away she treats him like a slave and a dog one day dave decides to still food from the store because thts the only thing tht he going to eat. “Just a couple a days ago i fount out that this book is based on a true story and the person that is getting treated like this is the arthour of this book and he also served in the army. but by reading this book it leaves to wonder 1 wht did the boy do so bad tht made the mom wanna beat him and 2 i wonder when did the beatings start.i am really glad that he got sent to a foster home and i checked a book out on how life was for him living there.i really love this book!!!

    1. Best

      Answers? Sometimes people do not need a reason to beat children. They are usually taking out their frustrations on someone nearby. It is never right to beat a child. If you you suspect someone is being abused, please report it (to me, Mrs. Bernard, any adult you trust).

  3. Batista
    Dave Bautista was born in Janurary 18,1969.He lived in a bad neighborhood.Dave always used to watch pro wrestling on TV.Many fans would rather cheer for the babyfaces(wrestler who acts like a hero in the ring),Dave would prefer heels(wrestler who act like a villian),such as Mr.Fuji.Dave was a bit of a heel himself in life.He would usually skip school and fight with others.He got arrested and spent brief periods in juvinile detention.He was always tall and skinny,until he went to the gym and packed 50 lbs. of muscle.Dave tried out for WCW.He was very determained to become a wrestler.WWE singed him to a contract.Dave became a big wrestler.

    1. Next week, I want a summary & a synthesis of a book that is NOT about wrestling.

      Your summaries are terrific, but I need you to include your thoughts about the book.

  4. im reading this book calkled the strange case of oorigami yoda written by tom angleberger there are this boys that are unpopuler and try to be by going to the the dance in school once every month.one boy was about to ask a girl to dance but he was to scaered that they were going to laugh at them

    1. I had a text to self connection with that part of the book. A lot of boys are scared to ask a girl out just because they think they will say no. Do girls feel the same way? I love your summary, but I need more of a connection or some of your own thoughts about the book.


  6. ooh and i have one tought before i started reading the book well im thinking its about two sister that dont like each other and they have big problems with volet and that the two sisters dont get along very well and im guessing it could be about magic 🙂 ill tell u more when i read further bye !!!!

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