January 27, 2012

Reading/LA:  Read Aloud; Lesson: Feature & Purpose — Lightning; Lesson: Review Post-it board; Small Group, Istation, Lesson Practice, Blog Response; Homework:  Use the textbook story Dangerous Crossing to complete the worksheet.

SS:  Probe due

Math:  TTQ (2); TM (Gold); Review HW from Wednesday; Area vs. Perimeter — activity

Science:  Water cycle probe due; Unit Test; Begin work on Terrariums


24 thoughts on “January 27, 2012”

  1. hey Mr.Tarver i finished reading DIARY OF A WIMPY KID CABIN FEVER at the end it was snowing and the sno was like 3 feet tall and when greg whent to the basement he saw that the basement was all floted because of all the snow cause it melted so they had to take all the water out next day in the morning greg whent downstairs and saw something weird floating in the water at first he tought it was a real baby but do u remember the doll greg had,Alfrendo?? well that was the baby he had no hair looked like a baby in one of those scary movies and no leg or arm he looked funny and creapy and thats it for now but im reading a book called SISTER MAGIC THE TROUBLE WITH VIOLET
    iil tell u about it when i start reading it

    1. Wow. What happened to the doll? Was it the water or did an animal get to it?

      I’d love to hear about your new book. Have you tried reading the Hunger Games? Put it on hold and try it out. I loved it! Plus, a movie about it will be out in March, I think.

  2. wazzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuupppppppppppp mr.t i am reading a book called chris paul its was a western confence semifinals it was the new orelands vs the san antonio spurs the hornets were buzzin cuz peja stojakovic was bustin up the threes and did u know that chris paul got traded to the clippers for chris kaman p.s its nick mr.nba better than anyone at basketball in the school

    1. Greetings & salutations to you as well. Peja was with the Spurs? I didn’t know that. I knew he was awesome 10 years ago for the Kings. What is it about these players that make them so great? Is there a method they use? Could you follow that method?

      1. no peja with the hornets in 2008 and what method are u talking about is it about the thing about peja but btw peja waas good with the kings and didn’t he enter the 3 point contest,but do u think blake griffin is going to win the slam dunk contest for the second year in a row?

      2. Ok. I think Blake is one-dimensional. He needs to develop a jump shot. Just remember for future posts: I need a summary, a text connection (this reminds me of…), and a question about the reading.

  3. hi, Mr. tarver i’m reading a book call SHARKS! If you go back 400 million years the earth would be no animals on the land no birds or flying insect too.But sharks would been in the seas on are earth.

  4. Hi mr tarver i reading a book called “MR.POPPER’S PENGUINES” and in the book it is an afternoon in a late september and mr. popper is doing his job carrying ladders,wallpaper,and buckets and then he hade to go to other houses a put wall paper every and it was a hard job that mr popper has done.

  5. okay and Mr.Tarver im starting to read the book ut told us caled THE PENDERWICKS ive read the first chapter nd that book is realy good when im done with it im gonna check out the second one well im gonna read further see what happens next 🙂

    1. Good for you! I love it when I get into a book and realize there are more books in the series! Try and tell me some connections as you continue reading.

  6. okay right now im about to finish chapter 5 its realy good im in the part when batty i think thats the little one ……is in trouble with the bull and they told her not to leave her side and tshe did that remindes me when i was like four we where at macys they told me that there was gonna be a lot of people cause they where gonna buy christmas stuff soo we where walking nd i saw a realy cute little stuffed animal puppy away i whent to grab it i whent to show it to my parents and i was lost !!! i started crying :l and few minutes later i was with my parents safe !!!that was my connection ill tell u what happens next if batty is gonna get hurt or rescued !!! 🙂 bye!!!

    1. Nice connection! My mom told me early on that if I ever was separated from her in a store, I needed to yell her name. If I yelled, “Mom!”, all the women in the store would turn around. 🙂 Anyway, I’d like to know what happens to batty. I hope she stays safe.

  7. hi mr.t i read the book the 39 clues and did u read the part where dan and i think amy were in the library and they smelt smoke and amy and dan couldnt find there way out cause the smoke and they jump out a window just to get out of the fire and they could not find the cat so the cat got out some how so dan and amy got out they landed on the graveyard and not even were close to graces stone p.s. i am done bye

  8. ya batty did get saved by her sisters jane,rosalinda,skye,and jefrey but i had to return the book cause i already had it for 3 weeks but im gonna get it next week oh and then it was jefreys birthday and they where gonna have a diner and they invited the penderwicks but they dint have no dresses so they borowed one of jefres moms dress and thats where i stoped

    1. You need to continue reading. It’s a great book…especially what happens with the bull in the field. Have you ever spent time out in the country (meaning, spent a summer or more away from a city)? What was it like? Animals, plants, smells? Include them all.

  9. yes i did check it out and jefrey was gonna turn 11 years old and he was gonna have a special dinner for his birthday and he invited the penderwicks sisters.the diner was okay and MrsTifton (jefreys mother ) tought the penderwicks were”t okay for jefrey to hang out with.and the dinner dint come out so well jefrey hated it and said it was the most horible b-day ever!!!and after that the girls and jefrey where outside playing and the mrs.tifton comes out with her boyfriend (Dexter) and they wanted to get married in Paris and jefrey dint like dexter he was very sad:( and dexter wanted jefrey to go to a military school while they where at paris without him .one of my connection is that i have a friend and her mom got seperated with her dad and now shes had been dating someone for 5 months and they planed to get married and she was really sad crying all day well im gonna keep reading to see what happens next 🙂

    1. I can’t wait to hear more. Your writing is getting better. Try and focus on starting each sentence with a capital letter and end with a period or question mark. Are you still on the first book? There is a second book in the series…maybe another one soon.

  10. Ya sorry about that im almost about to finish the book what happend is that batty wanted to go see Cagney’s bunnys Yaz and the other bunny (forgot its name ) and Jane,Skye,and Rosalind where too busy to take her .Battty got mad and left by her self cause no one took her soo when she arrived there she oppend the door to leave the carrots but Yaz ran off.Batty was freaked out she LOST YAZ!! After that she whent to tell her sisters and Jeffrey.They took Hound with them and he smelled Yaz and caught him with his teeth. Little Yaz was dead laying on the ground Rosalind picked him up,as they were walking to Cagneys apartment Rosalind felt Yaz warm she said she felt him breathing.They layied him down in the concrete and he opened his eyes!!!! =) And theres only 3 more days till the Penderwicks leave to home .Well i have a connection long time ago we whent to visit my cousins from Mexico.They uesed to have 2 tiny turttles every day i used to grab them untill one day one of them fell of my hands .I looked everywhere for it but i din’t find it .The next day we where cleaning and my causin found there turtle under tha couch alive eating a crum of food .I was really happy they found it =) and im gonna keep reading to see what happens next if Cagney gets mad or something

    1. I look forward to reading your posts. You have great insights into every reading selection you choose. I really wish you would share more with us in class. Also, great connection…and I’m glad the turtle was still alive.

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