February 6, 2012

Reading/LA:  Read Aloud; Lesson:  Infer the Meaning of Unfamiliar Words; Small Group, Lesson Practice, Istation, Blog posts; Independent Reading; HW: Red workbook p. 85-88 problems 1-8

SS:  Road to the Civil War — probe due Friday

Math:  TTQ (4); TM (cherry); Temperature — notes in journal; workstations — if time permits

Science:  Ecosystems vocabulary — in journals


10 thoughts on “February 6, 2012”

  1. hey mr tarver its meikh i am reading a book called amazing animals. there is a butterfly called peacock butterfly it is an amazing insect.

  2. Hi mr.tarver im reading the 2nd book of a child called it.And im on chapeter 2 right now and wht i read so far is how in chapter 1 he was running away from home when his mom cought him.But in cahpter 2 he gets sent to an foster home were they try to help him in the book he said tht he really liked it here and he also likes his social worker Ms.Gold.i think tht this book is going great so far but i have a feeling tht things are going to start going bad for him in the middle of the book.And this book kind of reminds me of where the red fern grows because of its sadness.

    1. You’re reading some very high level books (and I’m not just talking lexile). Make sure your mom knows what you are reading. Do you see a connection at all between what you are reading and “Bud, not Buddy”?

      1. Have you ever run away from home (or thought about it)? I tried when I was 5 or 6. I didn’t get very far. My mom wasn’t even mad…we just hugged and I was all better.

  3. Hi Mr.Tarver Im reading this book called Amamzing Animals of the World.There is an exctinct bird called the Passenger Piegon.The date of their exctinction is 1914.Most hunters used to always hunt them and stuff them in barrels.By the 1800s hunters in large groups meant bad news.Almost all the birds were in scarce.The last ever passenger piegon “Martha” died in the Cincinatti Zoo in 1914.
    I really do like this book Mr.Tarver.It has lots of intresting facts about animals.
    I give it a big thumbs up! 😀

    1. I’m glad you’re reading something else. I’d like you to try and read a fiction book. Try something on my bookshelf. Give it ten percent (1/10th of the total pages). If you don’t like it then, stop, and try something else.

  4. MR.TARVER IM READING A BOOK CALLED THE CANDYMAKERS WRITTEN BY WEDY MASS. the book is good book it said that if u won they will give you one thousand dollaars. it remaind me of the ccandy store in the maall

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