February 10, 2012

Reading/LA:  Read Aloud; Lesson:  Inferring the Meaning of Unfamiliar Words; Small Group, Blog Response, Istation, Lesson Practice, Listen to Reading; Independent Reading

SS:  Turn in Probe

Math:  TTQ (3); TM (Purple); Elapsed Time — Group work; Workstation — if time permits

Science:  Diary entry; Packets

Homework:  Packets — if you did not finish in class.


6 thoughts on “February 10, 2012”

  1. hi mr tarver i am reading “HATE THAT CAT”and in that book there are poems of hateing a cat and love the book, in the book it has ONAMATOPOEIA words like pop pop.

  2. Me too i once had a cat and i treated her like my sister next thing you know i called he name i did not hear her meow and i knew that she was not there.I was so sad that i was crying,she was 11 years old or 10 i think and i miss her so much, i fell like crying.

  3. hi Mr.Tarver .i like a good book .but its about animals. I like a cool spider .it is called a garden spider.it lives in the native to europe intro duced in north america .I know a other animal i like it is called garibaldi damselifish . I think it cool and love there color.It is bule and orange.The length of it is 1 foot.It eat seaweed and crustaceans.That is cool if i was fish that would eat a lot but if i was fish.

    1. Jackie…this is a great post. I love hearing your thoughts on what you are reading. I read your other post, and it was great. You are very smart; I would like for you to participate more in class. You have wonderful thoughts. Keep up the terrific posts.

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