February 13, 2012

Reading/LA:  Read Aloud; Lesson: Using a FQR chart; Small Group, Listen to Reading, Istation, Blog Response, Lesson Practice; Independent Reading; HW: Red workbook p.

SS:  Confederacy — Problems with Rebellion

Math:  TTQ (4); TM (Pink?); Perimeter — notes and activities; Workstations — if time permits

Science:  Powerpoint — Food Chains & Food Webs — Notes in journal; Diary entry


11 thoughts on “February 13, 2012”

  1. the book im reading is called dork diaries its about this girl called nikki im still reading the book. i found out that nikki has a plan to stay a little while at her sisters party and then sneek out and stay a long time at her party. i dont think thats a good idea because her little sister might be wondering for her and eveing her teacher. you might be thinking why she wanted to help, its because her little sisters teacher pay her to help so she said yes and waisted it i know she can give her back the money but its was $150. nikki doesnt have that kind of money.ill keep on reading to find out what happens to her

    1. Sounds like if she was getting paid to help, she should have stayed and helped. It’s called the right thing to do. Do you think she should make some sort of restitution (make up for it) to her teacher & little sister? Maybe working after school to slowly pay back the money? I can’t wait to hear more.

  2. hey mister tarver=-)im reading this book called 11 birth days .i have the story more than 3 times.its abute a boy and a girl who were born on the same date.there mothers usaly had there birth days together but thenthey stopet it becues the boy(leo) had hurt the girl(amanda) feling .they bot make make a wish to reapet the day the suprise they had the had ther party over and over again.guess whow many times?11 times and day by day they get back toger.there kinda lke brothers just like me and my cusin odaly we feal like were bery related more than just cusins like sisters.=-)

    1. It sounds like you are enjoying reading more every day. Don’t just make connections, now. Also, look at the way the authors are writing their books. Can you use of that for your own writing? Try it out, and see.

  3. i was reading budd not buddy and whene he was with his dad the dad told him were his mom will be but he said his mom died 4 years ago then the dad said ” you go over there by the door ” after that they told him to come back the dad said”you look hungry how about you come with us to come eat you look like nobody ever gave you something to eat “

    1. His “dad” must think he’s skinny. What do you think is going to happen next? Ask yourself these questions as you read. It will help you understand more and become a better reader. Make connections to your life, other books, or other people.

  4. hi, Mr.Tarver i’m reading a book that’s call powerful predators.
    The box jellyfish has a powerful venom that it can kill a men in a few minutes.

  5. Hi mr.tarver Night of the magicians written by mary pope osborne it is a good mystery book. it is about two kids that at first they wanted to buy some ice cream and when they went to there tree house they found a letter from there friend merlin to go back in time1889 to the worlds great fair to save the magician of light ,sound ,invisible, and iron from the sourcer they go to the fair and there money that there mom gave them to buy ice cream turn into french coins . At firist i tought that this book wiil be bbbbooorriiinnnng i had one questionwhy did the evil sourcer want to get the magicians also i had a text to the world it reamind it me to the texas fair oh yeah i forgot to tell you that on the fair there where people all over the world and on the book they had a connection it reamind them of there last mission

    1. It’s great that you went ahead and tried this book, even though you thought the book would be boring. Great summary, connections, & questions. Keep this up, and watch your reading level soar high in the sky.

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