February 23, 2012

Reading/LA:  Library; Istation; Groups: Small Group, Blog Response, Istation, Lesson Practice; Listen to Reading; Independent reading; HW: p. 133-136, problems 1-11 (Must use Get the Gist!)

SS:  Civil War Probe

Math:  TTQ (1); TM (Green); Complete Vocabulary Notecards; Geometric Attribute Cards

Science:  Complete vs. Incomplete Metamorphosis — video & notes in your journal


8 thoughts on “February 23, 2012”

  1. hey mr.tarver its meikh and i am reading a book called yu-gi-oh its about this little boy thats in high school abd he finds a puzzle and solves it and some how it had realeased another him but this one is evil and if people do things bad to his friends he fights the bad people back for his frinds and then the people that he fights would either die if they lost or live if they win. In this one some guy takes the puzzle then breaks it yugi can not win without that puzzle he can not win but if he wins he can get back the puzzle but it is smashed into alot of pieces so this guy kills all of yugi’s monsters.also the game they are playing is a dice game. each dice has monsters inside but all of yugi’s monsters are dead can yugi win this battle or will he lose the puzzle and his life.

  2. HI MR.Tarver im reading a great Junie .B. Jones book. This time its all about valentines.Theres this one mean boy in this book named jake and him and Junie b dislike each other.But on valentines day he bought her a big valentines card cause all alone he had a big crush on her he just didnt know how to show it. reading this book reminds me of wht my mom said on how u can tell when a boy likes u cause they keep messing with u. Iove all of Junie .B. jones books and im checking out another one 🙂

  3. Hi! Mr.Tarver I check out this book it’s called stravaganza city of flowers written by mary hoffman by looking at the at thew picture that it will take place in india or another place because i see the bulding thaj majal i even see a jar with a sword in the middle of the jar.I predict that this book will be about flowers judeing by the cover or maybe about a girl planting a garden with a friend and they called it the city of flowers. i skimthe the back of the b ook and it said that that sky founda magic bottle for something because her father is a famous rock stari had a question why is the book called city of flowers.I also had a connection i fell the same way as sky sometimes my dad has to go to a bussnise trip and i dont see him that much. well that’s my commment for the week cherio!

    1. I read that post. I need more. Have you heard of a horseshoe crab? What did you think when you heard it? Title, author, quick summary, text connection, inner conversation. I need all 5 in a post.

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