February 24, 2012

Reading/LA:  Read Aloud; Lesson: Infer with Text Clues; Small Group, Blog, Istation, Lesson Practice, Listen to Reading; Independent Reading; Review HW

SS:  Civil War Probe

Math:  TTQ (2); TM (Lime); Writing Assignment: How do I use math in real life? — one page written; Polygon Evaluation: for a grade; finish vocabulary notecards books.

Science:  Fill-in both metamorphosis charts — draw the different stages in your journal


11 thoughts on “February 24, 2012”

  1. ok mister.t i am reading a book called yao maaaaaannng!!!!!! and did u know i dont know when was it but all i know he was a rookie and the rockets vs the lakers and the starting of the game was when the rockets got the ball from the tip off and point guard of the rockets threw the ball to yao and shaq was playing amazing defence on yao but yao made a jump shot swish!! and when the lakers got the ball and kobe braynt ran up court and tossed the ball to shaq and tried to make a hook shot shot but yao blocked it,then point guard went up court and threw an alley oop to yao then the lakers went up court and again kobe braynt tossed the ball to shaq and tried to shoot it but yao blocked it again wow amazing defence. p.s the rockets won that game 108-104 the arthor was jeff savage.

    1. Try and read about other mega-tall basketball players, like Shawn Bradley, Georghe Muresan, or Manute Bol. How did their career stats compare? Did they have to retire early because of injury, too?

      1. maybe did those basketball players retire cause they were to tall and did they have have sugerie for how tall they were and yao ming retired cause he had to much ankle injuries so he had to retire cause of that so did you know that nate robinson is 5 foot 9 or 5 foot 10 and he duked or dwight howard in 2008 slam dunk contest.

  2. yeah but ummm did you know that wilt chamberlin scored 1oo points in one game and i want to know how much points did the rest of the team score??????

  3. hey mister tarver i am reading a book called kevin durart small foward of the oklahoma city thunder in the nba all star game of 2011 and kevin durant had 12 points in the first half and ended the game with 34 points he was not named mvp but kobe bryant was named mvp.2012 foot locker 3 point shootout kevin durant vs kevin love in the final round kevin love shot 17 points and on the final rack with 14 points and then kevin durant missed half 4 basketballs from the rack and the 2012 all star game kevin durant finished the game with 38 points and named mvp yaaaaaay

    1. Ok. It seems you are interested in basketball. Give me a post on a different topic, next time. At this time, we should be getting away from our comfort zone and exploring new & different types of genres.

  4. no i love basketball thats whta mostly like talking about by the way nate robinson dunked over spud webb in the 2006 slam dunk contest and he did under the legs twice alley oop off the backborad and then did a one hand dunk and won the 2006 slam dunk contest,and id you know that blake griffin dedacatied the 2011 slam dunk contest to his friend willey i think and then blake said that his friend died that pat wednsday of cancer i think sooo yeah bye

      1. what do you mean when u said im i okay i am just fine i didn’t mean to say no my bad cause for some reason i like to talk about basketball alot but thats the only and mostly thing i talk about with jalen

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