March 9, 2012

Reading/LA:  Read Aloud; Small Group, Blog Response, I-Station, Word Work, Listen to Reading; Independent Reading — Break the Record!

SS:  Finish Unit Test

Math:  TM (Lime); Baseball stats — bar graph; New graph:Payroll stats — graph Team & $, write down your conclusion

Science:  Probe; Famous Scientist Research Project


6 thoughts on “March 9, 2012”

  1. Hi! Mr. tarver this week i pick a new in half price book it is called s.a.s.s. swede dream written by Eva Apelqvist my very first question was what does s.a.s.s. mean then i saw on the bottom and it said that it means students across the seven is a quite intersting book because i im learling a whole diffrent laungue because it does talk a little bit of swdish.The book talks about a girl namecalista she lives in moon lake wisconsin her age is 16 years old she wants to go to stolkholm, sweden to go to her boyfriend jonas she cut her hair 5 inches to impress him she has a older sisster named suzzan is more talented than calista calista plans to stay there a whole semester . on this book i did not have any connection. Have a good spring break. 🙂

    1. We don’t always have a connection for every book. Sometimes, it’s all new. Enjoy your spring break. Let me know of anything exciting that happens!

  2. Hi! Mr.tarveri have a new connection call connection to the weather in the book in read aloud it has been rainig for 3 days and in the book as well

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