April 16, 2012

Reading/LA:  Read Aloud; Workstations; Independent Reading

SS:  American Empire — lesson & probe

Math:  TTQ (5); TM (red); Step up to 6th Grade: Fractions in Simplest Form

Science:  Guest Lecturer; Review Objective 1 — Powerpoint — take notes in your journal.

6 thoughts on “April 16, 2012”

  1. hey mr tarver i am reading a book called naruto.the author is masashi kishimoto.its about a boy who is a ninja but he has trouble behaving. then a master comes and helps him but the master says he is not wotrhy and naruto will never become a true shinio which also means stongest nija in the whole village.

    1. The true path to enlightenment & knowledge begins with admitting one’s ignorance. Meaning, we can not begin to learn until we recognize all that we do not know. One of the things we must learn is humility…that there is always someone who has something to teach us. Keep reading, to see what happens.

  2. The book im reading is called THE DIARY OF A WHIMPY KID.! And whats going on in this book is that school had first started and all greg wants to do is go to a party at his class mates house but on the day it is is uncle is getting married AGAIN so he had to council going to the party.I think that its good that he didnt go to that party because he was just using the little kids as mades.This book reminds me of when my old best friend wanted me to come over and i had to go to my cousins bdayy party so i had to council it. txt-to-self. i just finished the book so now im planning on reading another one and i cant wait.!

    1. I’m excited for you. I can tell from your writing how much you enjoy reading. Your understanding of what is going on in different stories is phenomenal (awesome). Don’t hesitate to try writing. I’ll look over it, if you’d like some help.

  3. Hi Mr.Tarver last week i read a book called IMOGENE’S LAST STAND by candance heming it is a good book it is about a girl called imogene and she likes history a had a connection my brother likes history alot just like imogene there mayor wanted to take down were george washington to make shoe lace factory to make them on the map she faughth all week and she won the president vist them and they got then they got on the map thats all. 😉

    1. Good summary & connection. Next time, please work on making your sentences better. You should have a subject & a predicate (noun and what that noun is doing). You have wonderful ideas and I want to make sure everyone understands you correctly.

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