April 17, 2012

Reading/LA:  Read Aloud; Stations; Independent Reading

SS:  American Empire Probe

Math:  TTQ (5); TM (red); Step up to 6th Grade: Fractions in Simplest Form

Science:  Guest Lecturer; Review Objective 2 — Powerpoint — take notes in your journal.


2 thoughts on “April 17, 2012”

  1. mr.t now im reading a book called breaking dawn, and right now im at the part where bella is with her dad, saying bye because she just got married with edward at 18.well it all started with her narrow-ation (cant spell narowation ) then she is driving her new car to a gasoline station to get gas these two men come up to her then asked can we take a picture with your car please we love these typ of car and our people back at home wont belive us so she took them a picture then put gas in the car and left .in the night before the wedding edward climed to bellas room and told her about his after vampire life. then he left to his vachilars party she asked him if any discusting women were gona go emmit yelled BOOOORRRRIIINNNGGG! EDWARD SAID NO ONLY MOUNTAIN LIONS AND A COUPLE OF GRIZZLY BEARS.THAT NIGHT BELLA HAD A NIGHT MEAR THAT THE VOLTORIAN COUNSLE CAME AND THAT EDWARD + THE VOLTORIAN PEOPLE ATE ALL OF HER FAMILLY .THEN IN THE MORNING IT WAS THE WEDDING WHEN SHE CAME DOWN THE IELL SHE WAS REALLY NEVOUS SCARED FRIGHTEND AND SHE KEPT ON TIGHTENING HER DADS HAND THE THEY GOT MARRIED AND THEN SHE SAID BYE TO HER MOM THEN HER DAD AND THEN SHE LEFT .MY CONNECTION WAS WHEN I HAD TO SAY GOOD BYE TO MY DAD IT CRUSHED MY HEART BUT I HAD TO GET USE TO IT IVE OVER COMED IT BTU WHAT DOES MAKE ME HAPPY IS MY DAD IS COMING NEXT YEAR

    1. Sounds like you really enjoy this book. For your next post, try to focus more on writing clear sentences. Start with a capital letter & end with a period (regular), question mark (for a question), or an exclamation point (for yelling!). You have great ideas to share, but they can sometimes get lost when you don’t write separate sentences. Also, did you mean narration? What is the Voltorian?

      I’m glad your Dad is coming next year. Keep up with the good posts!

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