October 18, 2012

Reading: Dialogue in Drama; Context Clues; Narrative Writing

Math:  Enter unit tests; Multiplication; workstations

Science:  Unit Tests; Complete probes:  Water Cycle & Solar System

SS:  Historical Figures Research

HW:  Spelling; Reading Log; Play Dialogue


5 thoughts on “October 18, 2012”

  1. Earthquake,By Dutton.
    Earthquake is about what to do when there is a earthquake and how they are made.At the being of the book it tells you how it feels when a earthquake stars. I like the book.

    1. Tre, this was an excellent post. You wrote the title, author, a short summary, and your inner conversation. New question: why exactly do you like the book? Can you tell me two other reasons why other students may want to read this book?

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