December 11, 2012

Reading:  Discover Answers; /oo/ words; experts writing

Math:  Tables; workstations

Science:  Landforms

SS:  Officer Spivey visit @10:30?


15 thoughts on “December 11, 2012”

  1. sellingThe kung fu puzzle by Melinda
    Tom and Adam thought that sifu was seling the kung fu school but she was not selling the school.
    Why was she selling her house?

  2. Jeff kinney dog days : gregs mom wants to have a famliy summer but greg wanted to just watch tv one day he was watching tv in the dark his mom opend the blinds and he hised at her and then she said: you need to get some sunlight then she said to his dad a plan then his dad said to go pack up and he drove him to the town water-park.

  3. jeff kinney the last straw it’s about greg want’s to ask a girl to a valintien’s dance. they were passing out cards. He personally delivered his card to her. Greg wrote everyone else a card about how he honestly felt about them.

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