February 1, 2013

Reading:  Review Unit Test; Spelling Test

Math:  MAP Test in the Computer Lab

Science:  Inherited Traits Group Assignment

SS:  Characteristics of a Good Citizen


January 31, 2013

Reading:  Infer the Meaning; Review Unit Test; Finish “I’m Unique” posters

Math:  Measurement small group

Science:  “The Crow & the Pitcher”

SS:  Leadership Posters

HW:  Spelling, reading log, times facts, perimeter worksheet

January 29, 2013

Reading:  Infer the Meaning; Review the Unit Test; Writing:  Physical Characteristics

Math:  Perimeter; workstations, if time permits

Science:  Traits; “I’m Unique!” activity

SS:  Scenarios that need a solution

HW:  Spelling; Reading Log; Math Facts; Math worksheet (must use Q-TIPS strategy)

Q — Question (underline the question)

T — Thoughts (add, subtract, multiply, divide)

I — Information (what numbers do you need to solve)

P — Process (show your work)

S — Steps (One step or two step problem)