Welcome to Open House!

1.  Complete the Parent Survey (click on the blue link)

2.  View your child’s work.

3.  Scavenger Hunt:  Try and find the following items in the room:  the clip chart, your child’s favorite reading spot, samples of your child’s work, math station activities, Target the Question/Target Math; Brain Pills, Book Review door, Inherited Traits self-portrait outside.

4.  Don’t forget the visit PE, Art, Music, and the Library!


February 27, 2013

Reading:  Infer with Text Clues; Grammar (Coyote); Writing Assignment:  How I use math every day

Math:  Review Objective:  3.3B (When do I use addition/subtraction to solve a problem)

Science:  Quick Read:  Extreme Life Cycles

SS:  3 Branches of Government Research Project

HW:  Spelling; Reading Log; Multiplication; Science Worksheet