February 5, 2013

Reading:  Infer Subheads; commas, capitals, punctuation; Expert’s List

Math:  Thermometers; small groups

Science:  Inherited Traits Project

SS:  Christopher Columbus

HW:  Multiplication; spelling; reading log; Perimeter worksheet

No Homework pass in effect for tomorrow…you have to do tonight’s homework!


8 thoughts on “February 5, 2013”

  1. The chase of the halloween ghost,John r. erickson. Hank the cowdog heard about halloween and he wants to find out about it.I chose five stars becuase i like mysterys.

  2. 101 facts about snakes by julia barnes After a snake grabs its prey it spreds the two sides of its lower jaw and stretches its mouth wide.

  3. THE BODY FILES;about a dog who smells,something weird in a school library.at first he thinks it’s a ghost.but when he looks in the book shelf it’s really a monster.

    1. I’m disappointed in your post. We have worked too hard in class on writing complete sentences for you to submit this. Please correct the problems and resubmit.

  4. titanic
    by robert d.ballard
    my book is about the titanic. almost 1500 people left on board 700 people had survived. this girl and her little brother had died. it is so so sad because those people had to die.i would give this book 5 stars cause it is informational.

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