February 7, 2013

Reading:  Get the Gist practice; Sentences — writing a letter; punctuation

Math:  Time; workstations; Math Unit test tomorrow!

Science:  Inherited Traits Scavenger Hunt

SS:  Ruby Bridges & Helen Keller — Double Bubble Map

HW:  Spelling; Reading Log; Multiplication; Get the Gist practice — Clothes side


3 thoughts on “February 7, 2013”

  1. Naptime for Slippers by andrew clements illustrated by janie bynum
    mom she is wrking outside .
    dad is at work.
    laura at schpool.
    edward wus taking his nap.
    So slippers wus in his dog house.

    1. Caity, thank you for your post. You wrote several complete sentences. However, you need to begin with a capital letter. To make a capital letter on the computer, hold down the key and press the letter to be capitalized. Also, do not press enter after each sentence. Bill Gates wrote the software for most computers, so they have word-wrap. The words will automatically go the next line when needed.

      I look forward to your next post.

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