February 28, 2013

Reading:  Infer with Text Clues; Grammar (Coyote)

Math:  Review Objective:  3.3B (When do I use addition/subtraction to solve a problem)

Science:  3 Window Foldable; review homework

Social Studies:  3 Branches of Government Assignment

Early Dismissal (1:45) — Open House tonight (5:30-7:00)


4 thoughts on “February 28, 2013”

  1. My Best Friend By mary Ann Rodman. In my best friend every Wednesday it was playground day at the neighborhood pool. She plays whith sombody in the pool and i play whith sombody in a pool.I give it five stars becouse at the End she hase another friend.

  2. Title generation dead auther Daniel Waters
    This book is about dead teennagers coming back to life. One of the teennagers died on the bench and the next day she came back to life and she was actting like a zombe. Im wondering why she died because she is so young ?

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