April 1, 2013

Reading:  Reread and Rethink; Grammar: Papa Tells; Library

Math:  Review for STAAR: place value; small group

Science:. Live animals

SS:. Four things to do with money

HW: spelling, reading log, multiplication, place value review


March 28, 2013

Reading:  Synthesizing Your Thinking; Grammar:  Lon Po Po; Review homework

Math:  What do we eat for lunch:  make a bar graph or pictograph; Small Groups

Science:  Create a Frog Habitat

SS:  Helpful Words

HW:  No homework — enjoy your long weekend!

March 26, 2013

Reading:  Synthesize Your Thinking; Grammar:  Lon Po Po; Review Homework

Math:  Review for Unit Test tomorrow!; Small Group

Science:  Prepare for Live Animals!

SS:  Unit Test

HW:  Reading Log; Spelling; Multiplication; Science Worksheet (front & back)

March 25, 2013

Reading:  Synthesize your Thinking; Grammar: Lon Po Po; Library; Writing:  Expository (How to…)

Math:  Probability; Small Group

Science:  Structure & Function:  Obtaining Food

SS:  Guidance:  Anger Management

HW:  Reading Log; Spelling; Multiplication; Reading:  Closet Creature

March 21, 2013

Reading: Think Beyond the Text; Grammar: Leah’s Pony; Review homework
Probability;small group
 Adaptations powerpoint
Ss:  Rights & Responsibilities of Citizens (Grade)

HW:  Spelling; Reading Log; Multiplication; Heads or Tails (toss a coin 50 times, graph the data — both pictograph & bar graph)

March 20, 2013

Reading:  Think Beyond the Text; Grammar:  Leah’s Pony; Writing — What I Did on Spring Break!

Math:  Review Homework; Probability; Small Group

Science:  Environments Powerpoint — Structures for Protection

SS:  Consent of the Governed

HW:  Spelling; Reading Log; Multiplication; Reading Worksheet (on Science)