March 8, 2013

Reading:  Read, Think, React; Spelling Test; Grammar; Writing — Describe the Water Cycle

Math:  Pictographs — Texting; Small Groups (if time permits)

Science:  Video (if time permits)

SS:  3 Branches of Government Project due!

HW:  Spring Break Packet!  Make sure your parents complete the packet WITH you!


4 thoughts on “March 8, 2013”

  1. The red pyramid. Rick Riordan. I’m going to need your help to night. This remindes of helping my mom. I give it four stars becuase I like graphic novels.

  2. About amphibians By cathryn sill This book is about amphibians all over the world and telling its enimies and where it lives and lots of othere verry good information.

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