November 14, 2013

Math:  Target Math; Target the Question; Big Blank Number Line; Workstations

Science:  Science Unit Test!  Enter scores into computer

Homework:  Math Worksheet


5 thoughts on “November 14, 2013”

  1. inkfoot is a scarey book it is about a monster that creeps in a libary.Peaple try to find him but nobody can find him in then a boy and his dog find the secret.The secret was if you leave ink on the floor he will come at night.The boy leaves ink on the floor he leaves a camra on the table and he waits and waits but he came but inkfoot broke the camra.The boy trys to fix the camra he sends the dog to find more clues.The boy heres his dog cry and heard ROOOOOORE the boy runs to his dog the dog was hurt they cald the vet the vet says that he douse not know what attak him ALEX

  2. my foverite book of all time is nate the 2 book of nate when i read nate it is so funny even when my mom saw it she sad do u like this books

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