November 21, 2013

Math:  Target Math; Target the Question; Multiplication Word Problems; Workstations

Science:  Introduction to Erosion — Check the Chalk!

Homework:  Multiplication Word Problems

Science Post Question:  What is weathering?  Give two examples.

What is erosion?  Give two examples.

Math Station Question:  Type the number 256,842 in word form.

How can place value help you with regrouping numbers in addition & subtraction?


5 thoughts on “November 21, 2013”

  1. Weathing is the breaking down and breaking a part of rocks sediment like a sidewalk and a road.Erosion is the carrying away of rock sediment by wind ice.Water and wind

  2. 1 example of weathering is wind another is water.
    The second question is two hundred fifty six thousand eight hundred forty two

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