December 20, 2013

Reading:  The Polar Express; Word Search

Science:  Winter Science Stations (Library)

Math:  Movie: “The Polar Express”

Writing:  Compare & Contrast the movie & the book

Homework:  Be good!


4 thoughts on “December 20, 2013”

  1. Hey mr.tarver it’s Kim I miss you I’m in the 7th grade now and I haven’t been able to see you 😦 I would like to visit the school and I might. Bye.

    1. Hi, Kim! Good to hear from you. I am still at Hanes Elementary. Come and visit when you want to. I will be at our PTA program on January 23 from 6 to 7. I hope you are doing well in school. Let me know more!

      1. Hello Mr.tarver it’s kim again. I have been doing great in school . How is it going for you? I am still upset that I moved from Irving but not everything is bad over here. I have got into all the sports I have want to get in . I’m in A team for basketball and we haven’t lost a game . Is Mrs.coward still at our school and if she is greet her for me. I hope you are doing great and your family too . I will talk to you more often , I hope and good news I grew like about a whole foot ! Goodbye Mr.tarver and have a nice day . P.S I won’t write in the mornings I just noticed this is to early. Bye again -kim

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