March 31, 2014

Math:  Target Math; Target the Question; Review for Unit Test tomorrow; Workstations

Science:  Ladybug Research — Answer one Question in COMPLETE Sentences.  Share with the class to create a Tree Map.

Homework:  Math Worksheet (Q-TIPS)

Morning Tutoring is cancelled Tuesday & Wednesday because of STAAR Testing; Tuesday after-school tutoring is also cancelled.


March 28, 2014

Math:  Target Math; Target the Question; Hundred Chart; Pattern Quiz; Multiplication Fact Quiz; Workstations

Science:  Life Cycle Rotations; Notes

Science Online Assignment

Answer these 5 questions with COMPLETE sentences.

1.  What is the scientific name for African Clawed Frogs?

2.  How many frogs have clawed toes?

3.  Where were African Clawed Frogs from (what part of Africa)?

4.  Why will you be okay if the African Clawed Frog bites you?  What is it missing?

5.  Why are African Clawed Frogs considered to be an ‘invasive’ species?  What makes them too dangerous to release into our environment?

Use the following link African Clawed Frog Information.

Post your answers as a comment to this post.