December 19, 2014

Compare & Contrast the book to the movie: Polar Express

Double Bubble Map


December 18, 2014

Math:  Q-TIPS practice; Lesson: Types of Quadrilaterals; Math Box: p. 96A; Think Through Math

Science:  Mt. St. Helens Video — record the 5 most interesting facts in your Science Journal

Homework:  Remember to bring your supplies for the party tomorrow!

December 16, 2014

Math:  Q-TIPS Practice; Lesson: Properties of Triangles; Math Box: p. 89; Think Through Math

Science:  What do some landforms look like?

Perot field trip tomorrow!  Bring lunch & drink (both disposable), coat or jacket, and be on your best behavior!

December 11, 2014

Math:  Q-TIPS Practice; Lesson: p. 106; Math Box: p. 101; Think Through Math

Science:  How Does Earth’s Surface Change Quickly? — Science Fusion p. 283-289.

Homework:  Math vocabulary; Multiplication Homework — both due tomorrow!

Science Quiz tomorrow — Math Quiz tomorrow