September 1, 2015

Science:  Science Tools — Match up results; Were you Correct?

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Writing:  I am From poem

Homework:  Pick 5 Science tools and explain how you could use them at home for non-Science activities — write a complete sentence for each on the notecard you receive and turn it in tomorrow!


August 27, 2015

Science:  Safety in the Lab:  What does lab safety look like?  What does lab safety NOT look like?

Writing:  Create writing journals

Homework:  Review lab safety rules with your parents — parents & students sign & return the sheet tomorrow!

August 24, 2015

Welcome to 5th Grade!  I am looking forward to an exciting year and I am so glad you will be a part of it!

Homework:  Make sure your parents get all the materials you received and that they fill them out and return to us tomorrow.