September 30, 2015

Science:  Separating Mixtures — Solid & Liquid; How can we separate 2 liquids?

Writing:  Subject/Predicate Agreement

Common Assessment 2 — Tomorrow!


10 thoughts on “September 30, 2015”

  1. Raymond

    the pro Football Hall of Fame
    The book is about old pro football players. The players had leather helmets to ware. The 32 foot ball teams had different details. They got better padding almost every 10.

  2. Yesterday we did an experiment on separating mixtures by separating sand and water while we were separating we put salt in the sand to see if it will help the sand will stick together.

  3. yesterday we did a science experiment,on how we separated the sand from the water first we tried to hold the sand with the Popsicle stick and the water went through.

  4. We tried using different tools to separate the sand from the water in the cup.Today we will try to use the paper funnel to stop the sand.

  5. Yesterday we separated mixtures that were sand and water and rocks.We separated the sand rocks and water by using a funnel cup.Then we used a T chart show what we tried and what the results were.That is what we did yesterday.

  6. yesterday we tried to separate the water from the sand , by that we mean make the water clear .we tried to use a screen and salt .so today we are going to try to us a paper filter.

  7. We tried to separate the water from the rocks and sand and be clean drinking water so we used a piece of paper and the water turned blue because of the lines on the paper.

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