October 13, 2015

LLELA Field Trip Today!

Please perform the activities and record your results

Keep your eyes open for wildlife or evidence of wildlife

If you take pictures, please make sure the pictures are about the field trip and not pictures of friends!

Have an enjoyable day of Science field investigations


5 thoughts on “October 13, 2015”

  1. we saw a horse apple and other animals and we also saw scat and in the scat we saw.seeds and bones , and armadillos and with their hard shell we all in joyed the field trip and Lana said that is was cool .

  2. 1 fact is that we saw a WALKING STICK BUG !!!! We saw a GIANT WATER BUG !!!! We saw all kinds of ANIMAL SCAT !!!! We also saw ARMADILLO !!!! And lastly we saw lots of SPIDER WEBS !!!!

  3. horse apple its looks like a brain ,and its is yellow.
    bowdart tree and it is very sticky and animals don’t like to eat it

  4. 1.We saw a giant water bug and a baby water bug 2.We saw all kinds of different trees and things about them how they lived and there branches 3.We saw a horsefly larva-. 4.We saw a damselfly nymph

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