April 5, 2016

This date in history: Julius & Ethel Rosenberg sentenced to die for spying: 1951

Science:  Review Homework

Station work

  1.  Praying Mantis: answer the questions on the board
  2. BrainPopJr Camouflage: Create the chart from the board
  3. Detailed drawing of praying mantis & fruit fly
  4. Fruit Fly Life Cycle: Draw the life cycle
  5. Reading group: Predator & Prey

One thought on “April 5, 2016”

  1. So at WrestleMania it was awesome seeing the old wrestlers come back like Mike Folly, Stone Cold Steve Austin, and Shawn Michal’s. But the most exiting thing was seeing the Rock come back to WrestleMania. When the came out for his entrance he came out with this blow torch thing but bigger and there were these letters that spelled the rock made out of card board, and he set those words on fire and I have to say that fire was HOT!!!But there was so much smoke that they had to open up the stadiums roof. The thing everyone wouldn’t stop talking about was the jump that Shane McMan took off the cell and landed into a announce table because he was trying to put the undertaker through the announce table but the undertaker moved so Shane McMan jumped and broke his chance of defeating the undertaker. Everyone is also talking about the return of JOHN CENA !!!!! Both of my friends Francisco and Kevin like John Cena because they think he is a good wrestler which I like him to but he just isn’t my favorite. The most boring match of the night was the United States champion match and it was Kalisto vs Ryback Kalisto won but it just wasn’t the most exiting because every thing looked fake the hits kicks and every thing else that involved violence. the second most exiting match was the divas match with Charlotte, Sasha Banks, and Becky Lench, and the fight thrilling.

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