May 5, 2016

On this date in 1961, Alan Shepard becomes the first American to reach space.

Science:  Complete all Stations:

  1.  Vocabulary — p. 523
  2. Word Problems — p. 524 (with the Teacher)
  3. Alternative Energy — answer questions; post answer on the blog.
  4. Computers — Vocabulary Games: Food Web & Metamorphosis
  5. Lost in the Lab

Homework: Worksheet — Science R.U.L.E required!


9 thoughts on “May 5, 2016”

  1. Wind can make powers for electricy to light up homes ,school and businesses and if u are hot at home or at sch or in bussiness the wind can cool,u of
    2.the turbines used wind to generate power.

  2. 1.hydroelectric powers homes because the water is pumped into power to use 2.hydroelectric is generated by a turbine into power. advantage is once the water that is used to power homes, is returned to its natural place were it was taken out of.
    And one disadvantage is to build the power plants to take the water it is a expensive.

  3. WIND,1 wind mill turns an genarates power,Dose not palute the world,wind does not cost money.

    HYDROELECTRIC. Water gets sent threw jets and makes the jets spin that make power, the jets don’t cost money, i don’t know what the disatvategis to HYDROELECTRIC or atvategis

  4. Windpower is the use of air flow trough wind turbine generators for electricity.WIndpower as an alternate plantifal renewable wind disturbed clean producers no green house gas emissions during operation and less land

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