November 18, 2016

Science:  Review CA 2; Science Question Research Day

Writing:  What do I do on a cold, rainy day?


11 thoughts on “November 18, 2016”

  1. Neptune is the third heaviest and fourth biggest planet in the solar system. Its composition is largely made up of the gases hydrogen and helium. As with Uranus it also has a high proportion present this is due to the Extreme cold which in turn is due to its huge distance from the sun.

  2. What is Venus made of?
    Central iron core, and rocky mantle. And the atmosphere is made of carbon dioxide and nitrogen with a small amount of other gases.

  3. Does the rotation of Earth affect flight times?
    The Earth’s rotation does not affect travel time. If a child throws a ball while in a train going 100 kilometers per hour it does not affect the childs ball going up and down.

  4. Why is the sky blue?
    The sky is blue because molicules in the air spread blue light more or rather than red light.
    Nasa space place

  5. What would happen if Earth had no atmosphere ?
    There would be no humans, oceans, and there would be asteroid hammering.
    Science ABC

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