May 23, 2017

Sam Houston Middle School Trip

Memorial Day Cards


May 15, 2017

Science:  Scientist Research Project —

Write a biographical report on a famous scientist of your choice.  The report must include a cover page with a drawing of your scientist, his/her name, the author of the book, and your name.  The report must include the date and place your scientist was born and raised.  Describe the early life of your person.  Tell about what kind of person he or she was.  What was it about your scientist that helped them be successful?  Did they know from an early age what they wanted to be?  How did your person prepare themselves for the future?

Tell about the work your scientist did.  Tell why his or her contribution was important.  Did they invent or teach something to others?  How did he or she change the world?  What lasting effects did your scientist have on the lives of others?  What was the most impressive thing about your scientist?  Tell how your scientist has inspired you.  In what ways would you like to be like him or her?

You will be graded on:

  1. Following the instructions.
  2. You present your ideas in a logical order and are easy to understand.
  3. Write in paragraph form-separate paragraphs for each new idea, sentences are complete, correct punctuation, correct spelling.
  4. Neatness, can be written or typed.
  5. The report must be 2-3 pages long.
  6. Report must be added to Google Docs and shared with me.